Welcome to the future of mining
  • No fee
  • High performance Node.js backend
  • User friendly mining client
Global Stats
14 Miners
6.21 KSol/s
Pools / Coins
14 Miners
6.21 KSol/s
Important information
  • To mine KMD just use any ZCASH (EquiHash) miner
    Claymore Zminer config example:
    ZecMiner64.exe -zpool komodopool.com:7778 -zwal RExWiEUz3GAatrkEvXNj3N6rBpzm29wRrL -zpsw x -allpools 1 -i 5
    Instead of RExWiEUz3GAatrkEvXNj3N6rBpzm29wRrL put your KMD wallet address. You can get one here: https://supernet.org/en/products/iguana
  • Available ports:
    komodopool.com:7776 - Static Diff 0.2 (suitable for cpu/1 gpu)
    komodopool.com:7777 - Static Diff 2 (suitable for multiple gpus)
    komodopool.com:7778 - VarDiff (auto diff, suitable for all)
    komodopool.com:7779 - VarDiff (for NiceHash)
    komodopool.com:7780 - Static Diff 10
  • Payouts are done every 30 minutes. However, 101 confirmations for a block are required to receive a payment in your wallet.